Our Approach

Strategic Resilience Delivered

ACTN’s approach involves understanding our client requirements to ensure the right solution is implemented to create sustainable value

21st Century Work Environment Transformed

ACTN provides vital tools to enable Innovation in the areas of Succession and Diversity Planning as well as Technology to bridge the communication gap between generations in the 21st Century Work Environment. Our approach focuses on retooling the workforce to embrace new technology such as automation and artificial intelligence.

Many organizations are facing a retirement bubble that will result in substantial resource and skill gaps as long-term workers with institutional knowledge leave. Researchers predict soft skills will be the most sought after skill in the future as society becomes more isolated by technology and social media. ACTN delivers transformation strategies focused on developing the 21st Century Work Environment. These strategies embrace technology, strategic communications, knowledge sharing and innovation.

Our 21st Century Work Environment approach considers all aspects of diversity (age, ethnicity, gender, skills, experience, institutional knowledge, technology, etc.) when preparing small and large corporations for the future. We understand how important leveraging diversity is to an organization’s agility and overall competitiveness. Our approach helps the client to build a resilient, diverse workforce ready for unexpected and our customized solutions assists organizations in sustaining their value proposition in today’s economy and prepare for future challenges.

Sustainable Value Delivered

ACTN differentiates itself by using a customized strategic resilience approach. We support clients whose growth exceeds manageability and firms seeking to promote innovation.

The private sector is saturated with project management and technological implementations without a lack sound strategy for sustainability over time. Many businesses and government agencies have limited resources to direct their focus toward strategy in the wake of constant market disruptions, often resulting in dysfunctional organizational culture. Many of the small to mid-size businesses are faced with the decision to fail, sell or scale due to stalled or fragmented processes, organization silos or high turnover. ACTN offers the SCALE response for clients feeling the pain of disruption by delivering repeatable, sustainable solutions that scale, manage growth, promote innovation and reduce complexity.  As a trusted adviser to our clients, ACTN builds strong stakeholder relationships to fully understand the engagement experience and facilitate sustainability transformation projects.

Additionally, ACTN Strategies delivers Big 4 quality at an affordable rate while helping client maintain their entrepreneurial and innovative culture.


From the leading non-profit organizations to some of the largest firms in the world